Virtual Training

"My Home Fitness Plan Virtual Training has been great for me. Even though we’re on opposite sides of the country I still get the personalized plan creation, care and monitoring I would get in a local gym.  I really enjoy the feedback on my form and modifications for each my personal training sessions."   -Heather Rushing

What is Virtual 1-on-1 Personal Training?

Virtual Personal Training is an exciting way to offer life-changing, transformational fitness coaching from my home to yours. 

Using online check-in and communication tools, I'll empower you with the accountability and support you need to achieve your fitness goals.

The Workout

  • I will coach you through a supervised, customized total-body workout, document your progress and give real-time feedback.
  • Whether you have no equipment, a few pieces in the house, or a full home gym, I'll make sure you get an incredible and effective workout.

Getting Started

  • Contact me about your goals and tell me what equipment you may have 
  • We'll schedule a mutually agreed upon training time
  • I'll develop your personalized program and send out a Google Meet Invitation
  • All you need is your smartphone/tablet/or computer with a camera so I am able to see you (simply, prop the phone 8-15 feet away from you)

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Free Virtual Session

Virtual Training Packages
(after completing Free session)

Single Session

30 Minute 4-Pack

30 Minutes - $39

$139 Paid in Full

  • Initial Physical Assessment & Ongoing Assessments
  • Custom Program Design & Modifications

Habit based nutrition coaching plan