Strength Training


*4 - 30 minute sessions

        $240 per month


Ideal plan for Strength Gains with minimal time commitment

8 - 30 minutes sessions

        $440 per month


Ideal plan for optimal muscular gains , specific athletic goals and for those who love physical activity

*4 session minimum monthly purchase. All sessions must be used within 30 days of purchase. May purchase additional sessions to use within current month. 

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Personal Training Studio

Why should I strength train?

Strength training is the foundation for all physical activity. Burn more calories at rest, improve bone density, the list goes on.  The bottom line is we are creating a stronger, more resilient YOU!

 Why do I need a personal trainer?

Having professional watch your form, guiding and supporting you will allow for the best results in far less time than doing it on your own. You don't have to be a professional athlete to have a trainer. Most athletes have trainers so they can focus getting 'where' they want to be without spending all of their time on 'how do I do this?' Having a trainer removes the guesswork of training for you.

Is this type of Strength Training safe for me?

Absolutely. High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) consists of very controlled movements with minimal to no impact on your joints. 

What's the difference between High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) and what I see happening in the weight room at local gyms?

H.I.T is not high intensity interval training. It's a type of slow training that focuses on the quality of movement during the entire exercise. The speed of movement during each repetition insures you are getting the safest, most effective use of your time.

I've never done this before. Do I need to train on my own before starting this program? How would I start?

This type of strength training can be adapted for any ability level. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, Cirque de Soleil performer, busy parent or business professional, this style of training is tailored to meet you where you are on fitness journey right now.

How often do I need to train?

Most clients will achieve optimal strength results in two 30 minute sessions per week. That's the truth. No need to spend hours in the gym to get strong.

I walk, run or hike on a regular basis. Isn't that enough to improve my  strength?  

The addition of proper, focused strength training in your life will build increased confidence in your ability to navigate through any activity on a daily basis.

What if I just had surgery? Or I have surgery scheduled? I want to make sure that I am training in a safe manner that benefits my recovery to the fullest extent.

Communication between me, you and your physician or physical therapist is very important to make sure we are giving you the best outcome possible. 

 "Totally awesome! I was specifically focused on doing muscle development to help me in my long distance running, and he immediately dialed into this. The exercises we worked on both increased motion and increased strength in core muscle groups. I've worked out on my own before, though never with a trainer. The pointers that Matt gave me made me realize I hadn't been as effective when I was doing it on my own. 

Matt is not one of these trainers who is an overly enthusiastic cheerleader, but nor is he an in-your-face drill sergeant. His compliments are specific and direct, making you realize he really means it when he tells you what you are doing right. His subtle corrections and redirections when you are doing something wrong are also specific, and when you make the change you realize just how right he was. 

I highly recommend him if you are looking for a personal trainer. He is very attentive to my needs and goals."  - Andrew Gilford

How Do I Achieve Optimum Results?

We all have a unique starting point when it comes to our current mental and physical abilities. Regardless where we start, though, we all want to get from point  'A' to 'B' in the most effective way.  

Training process. Goal setting.

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