Bison with Miracle Noodles and Spinach

Beef versus Bison...what gives? Like beef,  bison is rich in iron, zinc and B12 vitamins, but it's typically a leaner meat with a bit more protein per serving. For me, leaner meats are easier to digest, so bison is my top pick for red meat. You can always add fat in the preparation if that's one of your goals. 

Ground Bison meal.

Good food doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, I find the more "whole" the ingredients, the simpler the preparation and the healthier the outcome. It's an ideal win-win! Like below: five ingredients and three spices. You don't have to get crazy to fuel yourself healthy.

Paleo bison ingredients.


Paleo ground bison dish.

How to prepare

  1. Brown the bison with the coconut oil. Add salt and pepper.
  2. Drain most of the excess fat (leave a small amount as bison is a very lean meat)
  3. Add spinach, ghee and Italian seasoning to the mixture. 
  4. Saute for 5 - 6 minutes or until spinach is wilted.
  5. In a separate pot, bring 2 cups of water to a boil for the Miracle Noodles. Boil for 2 - 3 minutes, then strain.
  6. Toss noodles with bison and spinach. Enjoy!
Ground bison with miracle noodles and spinach.


  • Use spiral zucchini or butternut squash instead of Miracle Noodles
  • Try some kelp noodles: Sea Tangle is a brand I use and love (these are virtually no carb as well)
  • Varying your veggies/noodles will allow you to benefit from a variety of micronutrients and will ensure you won't be boring at dinner parties :)

Quick Tip:

  • Be sure to drain the water from the Miracle Noodles before using them. Some people like to rinse them as well, but since I'll be boiling and draining them already, I skip that step.
  • You can always use raw spinach as a base if you don't like it cooked. The chemical compounds differ in raw versus cooked spinach, so changing it up is a good thing; plus, some people digest cooked vegetables more easily. It's up to you. I like the snap of raw spinach, but I always mix it up. And I'm a riot at dinner parties :)

Where's the beef? (See what I did there?) Sure, you can make this with beef: go crazy. Either way, do your best to look for grass fed, grass finished bison or beef. It's about the quality of what we consume that benefits our bodies. If the animals are raised in a concrete lot and force fed genetically modified grains, guess what we are eating? People are understanding the need for humanely sourced animal products that are clear of toxins and chemicals, so the prices of these products are comparable. I get most of my meats from local sources or through a meat company that specializes in grass fed/finished products. Contact me if you have questions about where to source your meats. 


Macro Nutrient Information per 6 ounce serving

This recipe makes around 4, 6 ounce servings (including meat, noodles and spinach) based on 90% lean, 10% fat bison

Calories: 255    Protein: 23 grams    Carbs: 0 grams    Fat:  18 grams